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Goals & Expectations

Brian Hernandez

Like I said before, I had wanted to share experiences and adventures I’ve been having out here in Japan and on the JET Programme with the former site I was making.  So that will be one of the goals for this space.  Although a small reason because I only have a few months left in this position in which to do that anyway.  Mainly for the benefit of my successor by describing a little bit of what it is like here.

I think because me concentrating in Japanese language studies these past few years and being out of university for a while has led to a slight deterioration in my abilities to communicate in English precisely.   There hasn’t been any need for me to create compositions of text in English so it has been ages since I’ve done so.  On top of which living in Japan and being bombarded with very bad English (at times) hasn’t helped.  So another goal of mine is to use this space as a place to practice writing.  I’d like to do some writing in English, Spanish and Japanese actually so I can stay sharp and keep my skills up in all these languages.

So, those are two goals... hmm not too well defined eh.  So, let’s say at least a post in each language once a month.  Ok.

What else.   Well, I think this time around I am mainly doing it for myself.  I’d like to get my thoughts and ideas out in a clear and coherent manner.  I think it will help me to make more sense of the ideas that I have if I need to transmit the idea in text format.  So I expect it will help me in that way.  I don’t expect much else… I don’t think too many people will be looking at these pages much.  I hope to create enough entries/ posts so that when I look back on a year or a few from now I can feel good knowing that I invested a fair amount of time on something for me and that can hopefully be interesting for others.  Hmm, yes, right now I am thinking it would be nice for my Japanese friends to describe what the transition is like for me going back to the U.S.  and what it’s like to live in America. 

I think it’s also about time that I start writing/ recording about my life.  I think I have a pretty cool life, I’m very grateful for it.  “A life worth living is a life worth recording.” Tony Robbins

Those are some of the goals and expectations that I have for this.