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Home Improvement Learning

Brian Hernandez

The house is looking quite nice lately.  There is less and less clutter about and the new coats of paint in the various rooms have helped breathe new life into the spaces.  I’ve been bit of a handy man in training this past year.  Learned a lot of painting actually since I’ve repainted 7 rooms in the entire house.  A few more to do this fall.  Some other odds and ends stuff and learned some basic electrical work too. 

It feels good to learn how to fix up one’s home the way you like it.  It feels good because you are working on the very space that you live in and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you relax and look around your space.  It is tough when you are a perfectionist though, you can get caught up spending too much time in the detail of something… even though others may not notice the imperfections that you see.  You have to know where to draw the line of what is more than enough for a project to be done.

Since fall has come around, we’ve moved a lot of the deck plants back into the house… which adds so much more life to the rooms on the inside.  Plus with the new window installations, there is a lot of light and natural color from both the sun and the actual green plants.  It’s quite nice. 

We are working on putting up a new shed this weekend, so it should be more learning and challenges.