Diffusion of Consciousness: Part I

On train rides is when I have some of my most profound thoughts and ideas come to me.  Although, what I am about to describe really aren’t thoughts that I could call my own.  I’m sure some of my readings on the nature of reality and spirituality have informed the broad strokes of these ideas.     However my mind, while on these rides on looking out the window at the outside sweeping by, gets lost in ways of thinking or relating these ideas.  I’ll share one now…

So, there is the idea that consciousness isn’t localized in any one point in the body.  Right, ok… and perhaps this is true because when we look at the body while living and immediately after it has ceased to be alive there seems to be no apparent difference physically.  Perhaps we still have yet to learn and explore about the body, but let’s grant this idea.  Then the body could be thought of as a type of antenna that facilitates the “tuning-in” of consciousness to experience what it experiences while this body is still able to form its functions.  This is the best idea anyway on how to think about consciousness if we can’t pinpoint it to any location in the physical world.

So, regardless, this would mean that consciousness isn’t bound by this physical world because the “tuning-in” and concentration of consciousness would be happening on another wavelength or an alternate dimension (whatever words you choose to describe it).  So far I don’t have a problem with hypothesizing this.  It seems to me this could be highly plausible actually, especially given some of the teachings of wise men from our past.

Precisely, it is the way some spiritual paths describe a uniting, union or oneness where the individual having this experience viscerally feels they are IT ALL – one with the universe.  That there is no separation between what they are conscious of and anything outside of that.  It is described as their consciousness expanded out to encompass the entire world and universe.  If consciousness is non-localized and not bound by the physical bounders in our physical world… then this seems very possible.  Consciousness is then something that can fluctuate in its boundaries and that which it encompasses.   This also seems to be congruent in many spiritual paths that emphasize on ever expanding your awareness and care more and more people.
Thinking about this… I can’t help but think about the Beijing 2008 Olympics as well.  And I will share why in part 2 coming soon.

  • 6 years ago